Additional Videos

Videos that bring to life some of the people and moments described in Into the Gray Zone. For videos referenced at specific moments in the book, see the Resources section.

Science of the Soul

In "The Science of the Soul," a documentary made for the Discovery Channel, Dr. Owen discusses his research into gray zone states and what it tells us about the relationship between brain, mind and the "soul."

60 Minutes Special - Residual Consciousness in the Vegetative State

In Chapter 8 of Into The Gray Zone, Dr. Owen describes meeting CNN's Anderson Cooper, who made a CBS 60 Minutes Special featuring research on residual consciousness in the vegetative state.

How Science Changed Our World: MRI

In this BBC documentary, Professor Robert Winston presents his top ten scientific breakthroughs of the past 50 years. He challenges Dr. Owen to show how a person, hidden within an fMRI scanner, can communicate with the outside world using only activity in their brain.

Kate's Story

In Chapter 2 of Into the Gray Zone, Dr. Owen describes scanning Kate, the first vegetative patient to be "found" using brain scanning technology. In this excellent short documentary, you will meet Kate, learn about her condition and see what an incredible contribution Kate has made to science.