Media Coverage for Into the Gray Zone

Into the Gray Zone and the research behind it has gained significant mainstream coverage. Peruse headlines and articles from the world's top media outlets.

"How science found a way to help coma patients communicate"

The Guardian | September 5, 2017 | Read Article

"Can one really be conscious while in a coma?"

The New Statesman | August 27, 2017 | Read Article

"British doctor who found a way to talk to patients trapped between life and death: Unable to move or speak, most medics thought they were beyond reach. But their families refused to believe it - and one determined scientist proved them right."

The Daily Mail | August 29, 2017 | Read Article

"Trace of thought is found in vegetative patient"

The New York Times, Front Page | Feb 3, 2010 | Read Article

"In Adrian Owen’s new book, grey-zone science is pushed to the next level"

The Globe and Mail | June 15, 2017 | Read Article

"This research profoundly questions assumptions about vegetative state. It brings hope that communication is not futile, that providing care that enhances dignity is more important than ever"

The Times (London)

"Q&A: Some unresponsive patients see, hear and comprehend more than previously thought"

The Globe and Mail | June 15, 2017 | Read Interview

"At least now there is a way to respond to these patients’ needs, even if we do not know how to make them happy. In this new era of consciousness science, we can explore the twilight zone"

New Scientist | Feb 5, 2010 | Read Article

"Dr. Owen's research suggests it might be possible to establish some sort of dialogue with people who had previously been considered all but brain dead. That would be extraordinary. Given that solitary confinement is one of the harshest punishments known, and that such people are condemned to the worst sort of solitary imaginable, it would also be wonderful"

Nature Magazine | June 13, 2012 | Read Article

"Communicating with patients who appear to lack consciousness is becoming a reality"

Scientific American | May, 2014 | Read Article

"Adrian Owen has found a way to use brain scans to communicate with people previously written off as unreachable. Now, he is fighting to take his methods to the clinic"

The Economist | June 17, 2010 | Read Article

"Adrian Owen, a British neuroscientist at Western University has been investigating one of the most mysterious, least understood phenomena: human consciousness. It’s often said that the brain is the most complex structure in the known universe. {Owen's research} shows us how much we’ve yet to understand"

Macleans Magazine | Dec 31, 2015 | Read Article

"Dr. Owen runs through the yes/no questions, not holding out any hope, but soon the images on the fMRI screen lead him to an incredible conclusion: the patient is responding! He’s still in there, conscious!"

The Independent | Feb 6, 2010 | Read Article

"Signs of brain activity defy 'vegetative' label"

The New York Times

"'Vegetative', but signs of thought"

International Herald Tribune

"Think tennis for yes and home for no: how man trapped in his body 'spoke'"

The Guardian | Feb 4, 2010

"Brains of vegetative patients show life"

Los Angeles Times

"Proof of life in the waking dead"

The Daily Telegraph

"Patient in vegetative state is stirred by Hitchcock film"

The Times (London) | Sept 16, 2014